Star Valley Characteristics

Star Valley is a Wyoming mountain valley about 10-15 miles wide and approximately 45 miles long, running north and south along the Wyoming-Idaho border. The valley is bordered on the west by the Caribou and Webster mountain ranges and on the east by the Salt River Range.

The valley floor elevation ranges from 5,600 at the north end to above 7,000 feet at the south end.

Thus, locals refer to the northern part of the valley as the ‘Lower Valley,’ and the southern part as the ‘Upper Valley.’ The Upper and Lower Valleys are joined by a narrow fault in the rock formation known as the Narrows. The Salt River runs through the Narrows joining the Snake and Greys Rivers to form Palisades Reservoir near Alpine, Wyoming.

Star Valley is known for its long winters and heavy snowfall. Because of the shelter offered by the surrounding mountains, winter wind is not usually a problem, although temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero are not uncommon. Winter weather usually lasts from late fall to early spring and creates a very short growing season that spans roughly 50 days.

The population centers are spread out from Alpine on the north and approximately 42 miles south to Smoot

Between Alpine and Smoot are the small communities of Etna, Freedom, Thayne, Bedford, Turnerville, Auburn, Grover, Afton, Fairview and Osmond.

Student Characteristics

SVHS’ student population is 47% female and 53% male. This is quite a change from last year when the student body was nearly equally divided.

The student population consists of 12 Asian students, 7 black students, 32 Hispanic, 4 Indian students, and 647 white students.

The percentage of students that are considered economically disadvantaged, a statistic based on free or reduced lunch, is 35%.

There are a total of 702 students that attend SVHS.

SVHS Characteristics

We've had 3 students that received the Daniel's Scholarship.

The Star Valley community has given over $85,000 in scholarship money.

The school's graduation rate is 90.95%.

The total amount of money received from scholarships was $917,878.00.