Optional Charges

$25.00 Activities- Required for each activity the student participates in. Fee must be paid the Monday before the first competition.

$47.00 Yearbook- Must be paid for at registration. If you do not wish to buy a yearbook you may sign a form stating that you understand that a yearbook will not be available to you in the spring.

$40.00 iPad Purchase Plan- If you do not want to participate in the iPad Purchase Plan you will not be charged the $40.00 (see the iPad purchase plan in the SVHS Handbook for more details).

$35.00 Graduation Cap and Gown (Seniors only) 

Various Class Charges– Class charges will be limited to costs associated with supplemental materials that are needed when students choose to create projects that extend, in scope, beyond the general course requirements. The instructor will determine when charges are necessary to cover the expense of more elaborate projects. Students will be made aware of these charges during the first weeks of school.