Speech and debate makes capable contributors to society


Head Coach: Katie Roberts

Assistant Coach: Julie Lewis


Head Captain: Samuel Draney
Jr Captain: Emilio Torres
Senior Staff: Maggie Daniel, Zoey Scherbel, Shelby Oviatt, Evan Dietz, Anna Altobell


The Star Valley High School Speech and Debate season runs from November through mid-March.
We are an active member of the Wind River District of the National Speech and Debate Association.
We compete at tournaments across Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah.
Students learn to develop and to refine critical thinking, public speaking, and performance skills.
Anyone can participate in Speech and Debate and benefit from these lifelong skills.

“You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget that errand.” Woodrow Wilson

Poetry:  presentation of others published works

Humorous:  funny interpretations of published script

Dramatic:  serious interpretations of published script

Duet:  two-person interpretation, either humorous or dramatic, of published script

POI:  combining poetry, prose, and script as a piece to make a statement

Oratory: self-written persuasive speech with a call to action

Informative: speech designed to inform with the option to use non electronic visuals

International Extemporaneous:  quickly prepared informative speech on international current events

United States Extemporaneous:  quickly prepared informative speech on domestic current events

Mixed Extemporaneous:  quickly prepared informative speech on any current events

Original Spoken Word Poetry:  self-written poetry delivered by author

Lincoln Douglas:  one vs one value debate

Public Forms:  two vs two current event debate

Congressional Debate:  mock legislature with student written bills and subsequent debate

Big Questions Debate:  debate about a  concern the intersection of science, philosophy, and religion.

Policy or CX Debate:  two person team debating a plan that is heavily evidence based.