Class Rank for Scholarship

The class rank for scholarship purposes is determined by the cumulative GPA.

Selection of Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Honor Students

Criteria for consideration will include:
a. Valedictorian class rank as determined by points figured by the following formula: Grades of the 22 semesters of ranked courses are multiplied by their ranks and summed. The sum is added to the result of the GPA * 25.
b. All courses are ranked according to difficulty i.e.: basic courses = 1, Intermediate = 2, and Difficult = 3.
c. Must have been a full-time student at Star Valley High School for at least two semesters prior to selection. Selection cut-off date for grades is two weeks prior to graduation.
d. Exchange and early graduation students will not be eligible.
e. Only grades transferred from a regionally accredited high school will be considered and will be computed on the scale of Star Valley High School.
f. If a tie exists, the students will share the honor.
g. There is a citizenship component considered in the final selection of Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Honor Students.