Course Planning

Course Planning

This is your guide to selecting which courses you would like to take. We want to make sure that you can take the courses that you want to take, and still graduate!

To access the academic planner, you will need to login to Infinite Campus. The planner is available to both students and parents/guardians.

  1. Login to Infinite Campus
  2. Use the menu to Navigate to Academic Plan
  3. Choose the Academic Plan you wish to use for course requirements The default option has already been set for you:
    • SVHS Graduation: Basic graduation requirements (Choose this if you are unsure.)
    • Hathaway (FA): Hathaway with Fine Arts requirements
    • Hathaway (VOC): Hathaway with Vocationial requirements
  4. Designate your post graduation plans
  5. Select Next to access the planner

The Academic Planner will allow you to plan which courses you want to take during your time at the school.

If you already had a plan, and the course is no longer being offered, you will receive a notice when the planner opens and those courses will be placed into an invalid column.

Courses are organized by year (columns) and by credit-type (rows). You can click in the credit cells for a given year to make course selections by scrolling or typing to search.

  • Bolded courses are recommended courses for that credit and year.
  • Courses that are greyed out or muted are courses that are not available due to pre-requisites or other rules.
  • Normal fonts indicate a course that can be added.

A lock indicates that the course cannot be removed. This is either because a counselor has locked the course on your plan, or the course is a dependent to another course. If the course is a dependent, removing the parent will also remove the locked course.

To save your course plan, click the Save button on the top of the screen. Upon saving it will inform you of any warnings or information you should be made aware of. Click OK to close the window.

New Students and Incoming Freshman

Returning SVHS Students

Course Set Classes to fulfill Credits Required
Language Arts
  • 1 Credit English I
  • 1 credit English II
  • 1 credit English III
  • 1 credit English IV
4.0 Credits
Social Studies
  • 1 credit World History
  • 1 credit American History
  • 0.5 U.S. Government
  • 0.5 Social Studies Elective
3.0 credits
  • 1 credit Algebra I
  • 2 credits Elective Math
  • 0.5 credit Junior or Senior Math
3.0 credits
  • 1 credit Physical Science
  • 1 credit Biology Science
  • 1 credit Science Elective
3.0 credits
Physical Ed.
  • 0.5 credits P.E. I
  • 0.5 credit Health
1.0 credits
  Total Credit Requirement for Graduation 27 credits

  • Biology II* – 3 credits
  • Honors English IV 1010* – 3 credits
  • Honors EnglishIV 1020* – 3 credits
  • Physical Geology* – 4 credits
  • Office Skills – 1 credits
  • Spanish III – AP
  • Advanced Art – AP
  • Computer Information System – 3 credits
  • Internet Web Design – 1 credit
  • Keyboarding – 3 credits
  • Computer Engineering Drafting– 3 credits
  • CNA/CPR* – 5 credits
  • Pre-Calculus Algebra – 4 credits
  • Pre-Calculus Trigonometry – 2 credits
  • Welding III – 3/3 credits
  • Honors US Government – 3 credits
  • Intro to Engineering – 2 credits
  • Principles of Engineering – 2 credits
  • Honors American History – 3 credits
  • Automotive Brake Systems – 3 credits
  • Automotive Electrical Systems – 3 credits